welcome to bangbangs, we are set out to make the cumdown of the club nights more than a whitey. We have everything from music made by local bands with gig dates, To free game for those of you who cant realli move and just wanna chill. As this website is just starting out feel free to e-mail me if u can see anything that could be made better.

If your looking for anything from a full website to a games skin or even just a banner you have come to the right place. Coming from a background of graphic designers bangbangs offers a full range of products, feel free to browse around the examples and links, dont forget to crank up your profile, i am letting u make the whole thing as u please.

all i ask is that you keep the main 5 links and a homepage link so people can navigate the page. upon completion i will scan it to ... Read More

You should definatally check out the games sites. eventually i will make some games and put them on here, but for now u will have to make do!.

.remember to post all you scores on the forum take a print screen of it and post it! if you know of any other good games sire, dont be scared to e-mail me:)   . click to play games!

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